Distill hours of dialogue footage

Roughcut makes sense of hours of footage, and distills it in a sequence that's meaningful to you.

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  • Hours down to minutes

    Efficiently handle hours of dialogue without having to listen to it all

  • Many videos down to one sequence

    Incorporate all your footage, including numerous video files. Roughcut will analyze them comprehensively.

  • Identifies valuable segments

    An LLM understands the dialogue in your footage, and chooses the most valuable bits that remain on topic.

Organized by topic

Your content will be grouped by topic, so that you can work with meaning, not with frames.

You're in control

Tell Roughcut what's meaningful to you by choosing one of the pre-built visions, like an inspiring positive result, or a dramatic clip for TikTok.

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Write your vision

Write down your vision and keep honing it, seeing the results that Roughcut returns each time.

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  • Media production

    Get a first cut of your video or podcast project, by staying on topic and removing side conversations.

  • Instagram Reel

    Shrink a long conversation into reel-length, while preserving the essence of the conversation.

  • Research

    A table-of-content for your long research videos, with easy reference to the original content

Continue in your pro tools

Move seamlessly to the pro tools you're already an expert in, like Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve.


Transcribe any language, dialect, and accent. Roughcut can also translate directly into English.

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Superior transcription

Transcriptions are accurate and fast. It also happens locally on your computer, keeping your footage private.

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